DHL is a family company with Drs (Mr and Mrs) Pascal and Rachel Kaumbutho as Directors. The day to day operations are led by Pascal, the Managing Director, and Senior Agronomist and Farm Manager (Mr. Joel Mugiira BSc. Agriculture) and their carefully selected and trained staff. Pascal Kaumbutho is a Farm Engineering and Climate-Smart Agribusiness Value-Chains Consultant, farmer and innovator with a PhD from Michigan State University. He is a Chartered Engineer (CEng) and Member of the Institution of Agricultural Engineers (MIAgrE of UK). His Life Purpose is to Empower people to live their highest vision in abundant lives that build emancipation and wealth.

Pascal is founder and CEO of Kenya Network for Dissemination of Agricultural Technologies (KENDAT), Managing Director of Destination Holdings Ltd (which trades as DHL Farms) and Chairman of Agrimech Africa Ltd, an Agricultural mechanization hire services company. He has some 20 years’ experience in Engineering for Rural Development. He is a farmer specializing in smallholder-appropriate farm power, irrigation and transport applications to enhance horticulture and cereal value-chains, with special interest in enhanced land and labour productivity and appropriate agribusiness support.

Pascal is a leader of great rural development and innovation repute, the co-founder of the popular Heshimu Punda Programme that today has a popular weekly radio programme and the National Donkey Day celebrated nationally every May 17th.

Dr Kaumbutho has excelled in empowering farmers to grow their incomes by establishing smallholder hub platforms (One-Stop-Shop) for accessing information, technology, means and markets. His efforts are estimated to have influenced the farming and agribusiness habits of some 1 million farmers from a 25-year career, progression in time of great change management.

Pascal’s new interests are in mobilization of change at the nexus between renewable energy and agribusiness applications. He is leading a regional project researching and applying business models that will see organized progression from work animals to 2-Wheel larger tractors, among various innovative approaches to rural agribusiness development.

Pascal is an author of several books and booklets, a member of various professional bodies namely:, South Australia No-Till Farmers Association (SANTFA), Indian Association of Agrometeorologists and The Indian Society of Dryland Agriculture, International Soil Tillage Research Organization (ISTRO) Africa Conservation Tillage (ACT) Network, the International Forum for Rural Transport and Development (IFRTD), London UK among others.

Rachel Rukaria Kaumbutho is a Medical Doctor of great repute, a Laparoscopic Surgery Specialist and Obstetrics and Gynaecology Consultant with an active private practice based at Aga Khan University Hospital. Rachel has great passion for green and forested environments where apiculture (honey-bee farming) can thrive. She has established a specialized tree nursery with tree species that feed the soil, animals and people. Some 40 women farmers and youth are learning and benefiting. The two directors grew up on smallholder farms and relate directly with the aspirations and challenges of smallholder farmers.

DHL Farms staff include a:

o Farm Manager, Joel Mugiira (BSc) and Agronomist

o Finance Officer, Moses Kainga Thiauri (CPA, pursuing BA (Finance)),

o Marketing Officer, Benson Njagi Fundi (KATC)

o Logistics and Transport Officer, Gilbert Kiragu,

o Asst. Farm Manager, Luke Miriti

o Asst. Farm Manager, Margaret Ngina Mwangi
o Asst. Farm Manager, David Maina Mwema
o Marketing Assistant, Bodington Kimathi
o Transport Assistant and Quality Control, Dennis K. Mwiti

o Driver, Robert Kirimi

o Stall Operator, Lucy K. Ithinji

o Produce Sourcing and Loading, Bidan Gitonga (Kabage),
o Farm Assistant, Lawrence Mwangi Chege
o Community Overseer and Link, Julius M’Itonga M’Ruaria
o Community Overseer and Link, Simon M’Rukaria M’Ithara

DHL employs some 22 casual workers every week, across her establishments. Destination Health staff are not included in this profile.

Some professional remain on call, available to address tasks like solar system technicalities, irrigation and water management, chemical and business expansion services.